A Financial Advisor is a finance professional who provides consulting and advice about an individual’s or entity’s finances. Financial advisors can help individuals and companies reach their financial goals sooner by providing their clients with strategies and ways to create more wealth, reduce costs, or eliminate debts.

Financial advisors are professionals who are responsible for advising clients on taxes, planning, investment, insurance, retirement, and etc. You can call them financial advisors, financial planners, tax consultants, and investment consultants.

A financial advisor can work for an individual or a company-
Individual- In the case of an individual, a financial advisor can help to make and save more money and wealth. He/she is responsible for advising about the investment and develop an investment plan that favours the client. A financial advisor work for an individual and has the objective to identify the risks and make a proper plan to reduce the possible risks for the client.

Companies- In the case of companies, financial advisors can help provide a second, neutral perspective on corporate development projects. For example, a financial advisor can assess the possibilities of profits and loss if a company wants to expand its business or wants to buy some asset.

Financial Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Help the people to determine their expenses, income, insurance coverage, financial objectives, tax status, risk tolerance, and develop a financial plan.
  • Help to make financial strategy and plan as per the client’s requirement.
  • Helps in the strategy of insurance coverage, investment planning, cash management, and other areas.
  • Responsible to review the accounts and strategies on a regular basis in order to find the concerns, challenges.
  • Responsible to analyse the data received from the client to make new plans as per requirement.
  • Responsible for preparing financial documents summaries, investment performance reports, and income projections when needed.
  • Need to develop and update the client portfolios.
  • Keep in contact with clients to do changes in their financial status.

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