Vat consultancy has been introduced in the country since the beginning of 2018, Hence it is necessary for every esteemed entity to take up the responsibility to know, to understand and comply all the new tax obligations that include collecting, charging, and paying VAT with the Federal Tax Authority in the allotted time spam. We are taking this opportunity to utilize this perfect time to create awareness, equip every individual in the entity with knowledge and commence an assessment on the potential impact of the new taxes on the business. With no doubts it is essential to appoint the right people and the required systems to obtain absolute calculations and output. We give the environment to our clients to be trained and make competent steps to make sure everything is in flow and adapted to this change. We provide all type of tax related consultancies if very cost effective and according to requirements way. We have 100 plus satisfied customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the first choice our customers by providing the one-stop highest quality accounting, audit, tax and all related consultancy services by utilizing the expertise of our most professional and qualified staff so that it distinguish us from our competition.

Organizations trust on cost benefit investigation to support decision making because it provides an uncertain, evidence-based view of the issue being evaluated—without the influences of opinion, politics, or favoritism. We intend to provide invaluable tool in developing good strategies for the VAT related affairs

Our Vission

Our vision is to be committed and available for our all our valued customer we cultivate the professionals who can recognize by team work, Trust and commitment. We provide the environment to grow professionally.

Our Strategy

We concentrate on your tax planning so that you can focus on your Business Growth. Because we believe that if you focus on your business growth it will grow faster and we want to be the supporters, the pillars for your business growth. We want to keep beside to our valued clients in every critical time so that they never can consider themselves alone. Because we believe that success of our client of our Win.

Why to choose us

As always, partners grows with you!

TAX Consultancy is an experienced partner to 100’s plus satisfied clients. We are a registered with FTA Tax Agency and committed to ISO 9001 quality and following the best practice standards.

The benefits can you obtain by hiring us as tax advisors, are experts in tax law, planning and compliance and cater to both businesses and individuals. A tax consultant grows from the role of a tax prepare that not only give updates on tax law and practices but also help in hassle-less and error less tax returns, give suggestions to reduce tax liabilities and solution for tax savings. They also help in finding out credits and deductions that your business qualifies. Tax consultants are generally from accounting or finance backgrounds. People take up advisory roles after gaining experience in tax areas. People with knowledge and experience display the best contention for this role. Tax consultants are gifted with diagnostic mind capable of interpreting data and documentations we work in public accounting organizations, law offices, financial consultancies, banks and insurances.


Our team of professionals are the best selection to contact with while establishing any new business in United Arab Emirates or to have info about the transition of new VAT laws. We Have a team of tax experts who can help businesses in getting VAT Compliance by following the U.A.E. VAT laws.

Our Expertise are:

  • VAT Consultancy.
  • Tax Planning.
  • VAT Return filing.
  • Tax Agent services.